CS47 (2009)

In 2009 I took a really cool Stanford Continuing Studies class about the history and archaeology of Pompeii. The best part was that the professor also supervised a dig in Pompeii, and at the completion of the class he was going to take everyone to his dig site and do a personal week-long tour of the surrounding area.

On the trip I met the director of the continuing studies program, and he asked if I’d like to teach a class on beginning iPhone development. I’d never really done any teaching before, but it seemed like an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.

So I ended up teaching the CS47 class from January to March of 2010. It was a really great experience. For the final project, each student created a view controller that did whatever they wanted, and I bundled all of their projects into a single app which was published in the App Store.

CS47 CS47 CS47

The students really surprised me with how much they learned, and the app is still available today.

CS47 CS47